Organic Sweat Shack

If you ever find yourself in Newhall, CA, you’ve got to visit the Organic Sweat Shack on Main St. As soon as you walk through the front door, stress and tension eases as you’re greeted by a friendly face eager to give you a tour. After the tour of the 6 or so individual saunas, outdoor patio and boutique area, you’ll enter your private FAR infrared sauna for 30 minutes of relaxation and sweating, where you’ll burn around 600 calories. During my visit, the heat was set between 145-150 degrees and it took about 15 minutes before the real sweating began. Light and aromatherapy are integrated into the experience along with the sounds of waves and wind. I truly enjoyed it and left feeling invigorated (and very sweaty). The health benefits are listed on their website; everything from detoxification to pain relief. $25 will get you in for your first visit and then you can purchase different packages depending on how often you want to go. I’m hoping to get there a couple times a month.

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