I’ve been a fan of Garrett Markensons’ salon and hair product line REVERIE for quite some time and have used his products religiously for the past two years. MILK is an exquisite leave-in hair nourishing treatment that combats frizz and leaves the hair soft and smooth. I use it after every shampoo, first when my hair is wet, then a little after styling. The results are fantastic and my hair looks and feels amazing.  On my most recent visit to the salon, I was introduced to his latest product, EVER and was blown away! This “recovery hair oil” is the most luxurious oil I’ve ever tried. The smell is hypnotizing and the benefits outstanding. Just add a few drops to brittle ends and the results will be immediately noticeable. I also love that the line is crafted in California. Buy it here: EVER Recovery Hair Oil 1.5 oz by Garrett Markenson REVERIE

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