Harmless Harvest Organic Coconut Water

I haven’t been a part of the coconut water craze even though countless friends have made me try their favorite brands and touted all the health benefits. I just didn’t like the taste. That all changed a couple of days ago when for some crazy reason I bought a bottle of Harmless Harvest organic coconut water. It was like it was calling to me from the shelf. So, I paid the $3.99 and was fully expecting not to like it. Wow, what a shock, it was yummy! It tastes really, really good and fresh and the nut flavor is truly delicious, completely the opposite of all the other brands I’ve tried. The cost is pretty steep for everyday drinking, so I’ll try to catch it on sale. Do yourself a favor and go get some!  Harmless Coconut Water, Original 8.75oz (Pack of 12)

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