Meet Me

As a self proclaimed globetrotter and shopaholic, I have traveled to many parts of the world seeking out fabulous finds in far away cities. I’m always on the pursuit for the cool, the unique, the awesomeness this world has to offer.

A Southerner at heart, (a real Georgia peach) God knows how I ended up in Southern California….

Well, it began while residing in San Francisco. I begrudgingly agreed to take an Alaskan cruise with about 15 of my family members (honestly it wasn’t high on my list of must-dos). Nevertheless, I set sail only to meet the man of my dreams. Seriously. I met my handsome English husband who incidentally happened to be an officer on the ship. It never fails to amaze me that in the face of extraordinary circumstances do we find our most rewarding treasures.

From there on out I embarked on what would be a multi-year adventure of living and traveling aboard a cruise ship visiting 40 plus countries. Eventually we settled in sunny Los Angeles due to the strains of ship life with young kids. Yes, we had kids along the way, 4 to be exact, which isn’t easy, but totally rewarding. (If you need any tips on kids, just ask. I’m an expert!)

So here I am mother of 4, who spends time hitting the shops, sipping wine with friends, dreaming up my next excursion, and always planning something, much to my husband’s amusement…

Besides parenting, I am innately qualified on all things shopping, trend and travel related so, I’m going to spout out what I find interesting. I hope you enjoy my dialogue.